Make Your Time Count!

the clock vortexWe ALL have the same 31,556,926 seconds every year, so why is it always about time?

The truth is it isn’t about time, it’s about CHOICE…

You just chose to do something different with your time or not…

Make the most of your 86,400 seconds today…

Live Full…Die Empty!

WordPress vs. Blogger: Do You Want to Own or Rent?

WordPress vs. Blogger

Wordpress vs. BloggerThe first thing you should know before you continue reading is when it comes to WordPress vs. Blogger, my preference is WordPress. So ‘No’ this is not an unbias post.

So why would it matter: WordPress vs. Blogger?

Assuming you are serious about blogging there are a plethora of reasons why I prefer WordPress vs. Blogger. As you read further one thing to keep in mind is is very similar to Blogger (–so we are actually talking about a self-hosted blog.

Since Blogger ( is owned by Google you get to abide by Google rules. If you have been around the internet for any length of time you have heard of ‘Google slaps’. This is where if you get sideways with Google (for whatever reason) they can shut down your account. This is one BIG reason not to go with Blogger. If Google objects to your blogging content/activity your account can get ‘slapped’.
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What Do Avatar, Apple, and You Have in Common?

avatar-apple.gifSo do you, Apple and Avatar have anything in common? After all, how can a block-buster movie, multi-billion dollar company and you have anything in common having such a diverse list?

We will start with the motion picture ‘Avatar’. It is the highest grossing film ever produced ($2,782,185,928). The next nearest film is ‘Titanic’ with $1,843,201,268. It is amazing that James Cameron (writer, director) thus holds the number 1 and 2 positions. One can only imagine what his pay checks are like!

What made ‘Avatar’ such a audience pleasing, block buster film? Hard to say really. 3D wasn’t it as it has been around for a time. The animation was spectacular, but Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks have produced some pretty nifty movies themselves. The acting was good as was the screenplay. Read the rest of this entry

To Dash Or Not To Dash?

When registering a domain or email address you may want to consider placing a dash “-” between some of your words. Other wise you may unknowingly end up with a totally embarrassing URL.

The other day my daughter told me she had just sold a product to a new client. She said ‘you’ll never guess what their email is…?’ She has never been more correct, the address was: nsexperience@?. This person is a NuSkin rep…so we would suspect they were trying to say NuSkin Experience…but that is not what I immediately read it as? How about you?

A perfect example of whether to dash or not to dash a URL is the example of “”. Here is what adding dashes does: “” vs. “”. Note: Some of the following URL’s are a bit ‘edgy’…which is the point of this post. Pay attention to what you chose as a domain name or email address for that matter. Read the rest of this entry

Are Free WordPress Themes Really Free?

Beast (torjan horse) imageAn important question to ask yourself BEFORE you go Google “free wordpress themes”, download, and install your allegedly FREE theme. Admittedly it’s sort of a weird question.  This question really depends upon what you mean by FREE. Free as far as out of pocket cost…Yes, with a *caveat. Free from malicious encrypted executable code–a potential No!

Now before all of you WP ‘free’ theme fans out there flame me, I am not saying all ‘free’ themes are infected with ‘crud’, just be aware it exists!

In essence, executable code is basically what a WordPress theme is. That is how it is able to perform its magic. At the click of a mouse a theme can change the entire Read the rest of this entry

My daughter, Erin Smith, is doing very well with Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC). I have done pretty good myself, but Erin has it pretty well dialed in. If I need some help or advice she is the one I turn to. As far as FB PPC goes, I can say this, it works if you follow a few simple guidelines. The following is used by Erin’s permission and is from her website (

“Probably the hottest marketing strategy out there right now is Facebook Pay-Per-Click… And for good reason!

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Is Timing Really Everything?

As any photographer knows being at the right place at the right time means everything in getting that perfect picture. To get a shot like this can be the result of sheer luck or very precise planning. Regardless, if the timing is not right, too early or too late, you miss the moment forever. Indeed, in photography ‘timing is everything’.

So it is in life and since this blog is dedicated to building your online business let’s focus on that. Read the rest of this entry